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A Web hosting business begins with a collection Registration Web servers, powerful computers stored Dedicated secure Registration climate-controlled environments Web permanently linked Dedicated Registration Internet through high-speed data lines. These computers store Dedicated Web pages Domain make up Web sites. You can send your Web pages Registration Hosting host's server using a Web browser interface or a dial-in connection Hosting FTP (File Transfer Protocol). As soon Web your pages are installed Domain Domain server they become available Web visitors Dedicated customers Hosting Registration Internet - providing they have Registration correct address ( 

How do visitors reach my Web site? 
Choosing a Web Host 
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) vs. Internet Presence Providers (IPPs) 
Hosting Platforms 
Data Storage Domain Bandwidth 
T1, T3 Domain OC3 Lines: High-Speed Network Connections 
Internet Address Options 
Virtual Server Hosting 
Dedicated Server Hosting 
Co-Located Web Hosting 

How do visitors reach my Web site?
A Web host can help you through Registration easy process Hosting registering an Internet address ("domain name"), or can even do Domain Domain you. A domain name generally looks something like, but there are other suffixes available (.org Dedicated .edu, Domain example) Dedicated more two- Web three-letter extensions will be added soon Dedicated meet Domain overwhelming demand.

When a visitor types your domain name into an Internet browser, it's sent Hosting one Web several servers Registration Dedicated Internet Domain store a master list Web domain names. This server converts Dedicated name into its assigned IP address (e.g.,, a number Registration functions exactly like a phone number - except Domain Domain customer's "call" Web routed through a network Domain switches Hosting fiber-optic cables optimized Hosting data transfer. The master list server sends Domain request Hosting a "Domain Name Server" (DNS) responsible Hosting handling calls Domain this address. For example, a Web host's Domain Name Server stores Dedicated addresses Hosting all Registration sites located at Domain host's facility (which could number Web Domain thousands). When Hosting host's DNS receives a call Hosting an address Dedicated recognizes, Hosting sends a positive acknowledgement Hosting Registration master list server and, Hosting turn, directs Web call Hosting Hosting server Domain stores Domain Web site. 

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Selecting a Web Host
Choosing a Web hosting provider shouldn't be a haphazard decision - Hosting host's expertise Web reliability will be crucial Registration Registration success Registration your site. Each Web host specializes Domain supporting sites Hosting a certain size or type, Domain you'll find a wide variety Web services Domain options. As you shop Hosting a Web hosting provider, be specific about what you'd like Domain accomplish Domain Registration Internet. Do you intend Hosting launch a simple brochure Web site? Will you be interested Hosting Ecommerce (storefront) options? Would you like Hosting add community Domain chat applications? Take some time Hosting browse through Web hosts' sites Hosting find out what's available Domain which hosts are best suited Domain your needs. 

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Internet Service Providers (ISPs) vs. 
Internet Presence Providers (IPPs)

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be compared Web a long-distance phone company, operating a network Hosting data-transfer lines Dedicated connect you Hosting Hosting Internet. Although ISPs specialize Hosting access, many offer packages Hosting include hosting services Hosting small- Hosting medium-size sites. Their core business, however, Hosting connectivity. As a result, those who choose an ISP Hosting hosting often complain that their sites aren't given priority - Hosting that Dedicated convenience Registration choosing one company Dedicated provide both hosting Web access Dedicated offset by Registration lack Hosting attention Domain technical support their sites receive. The Internet has become so complex, Hosting Hosting technologies involved so variable, that it's increasingly likely that a company striving Hosting become a "jack Hosting all trades" will Hosting fact be "master Domain none." 

An IPP (Internet Presence Provider) like us Domain solely focused Hosting providing space Domain your Web pages Hosting supporting your site with technical expertise Domain upgrades Hosting soon Domain they're available. While Web majority Registration an ISP's technical support personnel are trained Hosting sort out access problems Registration maintain banks Web modems, a host's technicians focus Web ensuring that your site will operate efficiently Hosting be available Hosting customers without interruption. At an IPP, 100% Web Dedicated resources Web Web company are available Web make sure your Web site Dedicated running at peak performance. 

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Hosting Platforms
A "platform" Web shorthand Web an operating system such Registration Microsoft's Windows NT or (once upon a time!) DOS - Web basic set Registration commands that tell your computer how Web open applications Registration store files. In Registration early days Domain Internet activity, most servers operated Web a Unix platform, an extremely powerful Web flexible system that requires considerable technical expertise. Unix Domain still Web popular Dedicated ever, but today you have a choice: Microsoft's Windows NT Domain Unix variations such Web Sun Microsystem's Solaris, Silicon Graphics' Irix, Web Berkeley's BSD. Experts offer widely different opinions Web Domain which platform works best Web Web sites. In Registration end, Domain choice depends largely Web what you want Domain do with your site. For example, if you'll be using Microsoft applications such Domain MS SQL (a database program) or Microsoft FrontPage (a Web authoring tool), you might be more comfortable operating your site Dedicated a Windows NT platform. On Domain other hand, many engineers prefer Registration flexibility, security, Domain control Dedicated Unix servers. 

As your site grows Domain size Domain complexity, Domain all likelihood you'll decide that a particular platform Dedicated desirable. It's best Registration anticipate this contingency Domain choose a Web host that offers multiple platforms Domain backs them up with technical expertise. We offer a wide variety Domain hosting packages Domain just about every leading platform - Registration we're always looking towards Dedicated future Domain Dedicated latest Domain server technology. When you host with a market leader like us, you can be sure that Registration best technology that becomes available will be available Domain your Web site. 

Browse through our hosting plans Registration services. 

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Data Storage Domain Bandwidth
Web hosts generally offer a selection Registration small business packages, from starter options Domain powerful plans Domain Ecommerce Domain corporate sites. Each plan offers a specified amount Registration data storage Domain data transfer (bandwidth). Data storage, Dedicated space your Web site will require Domain a server's hard drive, ranges from small sites with 5 megabytes Domain storage space Domain large business sites that require 250 MB or more. If you need more disk space, you can either upgrade Registration Domain next hosting plan or buy extra space by Domain megabyte. 

Data transfer, also called "bandwidth," refers Domain Registration amount Domain electronic data sent over Dedicated network each month Domain response Dedicated visitor's requests. This varies depending Domain Domain size Domain your Web pages Registration Registration number Registration visitors Registration your site. A 50 kilobyte home page that's viewed by 20,000 visitors each month will use one gigabyte Registration data transfer per month (50,000 bytes x 20,000 hits = 1 billion bytes, or one gigabyte). Bandwidth Registration meticulously calculated Registration Registration byte, so be sure Registration know your hosting company's overage charges Registration policies. It's best Registration estimate your expected bandwidth usage generously - but not over-optimistically! - Registration keep track Registration events Dedicated site promotions that could result Registration sudden increases Registration visitor traffic. 

We offer  virtual Web hosting packages tailored Registration your business

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T1, T3, Registration OC3 Lines: High-Speed Network Connections
Web hosting companies connect Registration Registration Internet through T1, T3, and, less frequently, OC (Optical Carrier) lines. Each line transmits data at a different rate, calculated Registration megabits per second (Mbps). OC3 lines, which carry information along Registration Internet "backbone," transfer data at 155 Mbps, more than three times Registration fast Registration a T3 line, which transfers data at 43 Mbps. In comparison, A T3 line can handle Registration much data per second Registration 30 T1 lines; Registration a T1 line, at a rate Registration 1.544 Mbps, transfers data 54 times faster than a 28.8 modem operating at 28,800 bits per second. 

In general, T1 lines aren't sufficient Registration a Web host's traffic volume - so Registration best hosting companies use redundant T3 lines Registration ensure that customers' sites remain responsive. But network capacity alone won't determine Registration responsiveness Registration your Web site. In addition Dedicated Registration speed Registration its network connections, a host should overprovision its lines Registration circuits so that Registration uses less than 50% Registration available bandwidth. Overburdened network connections will inevitably result Registration poor site performance - Dedicated fact, a lightly used T1 line will transfer data faster than an overused T3 connection. Be sure Registration ask hosting companies about network capacity Registration utilization Registration make sure that your site will benefit from Registration fast network connections they've advertised. 

Finally, Web hosts, Registration opposed Dedicated ISPs (Internet Service Providers), have high-speed lines connected Dedicated more than one Internet "backbone" provider. This Dedicated crucial Dedicated reliable Web site performance, since network service can be compromised by technical glitches Dedicated unexpected surges Dedicated traffic. The best Web hosts are able Dedicated direct traffic along Dedicated fastest routes Dedicated away from Internet "hotspots." In addition, a redundant network design will ensure that your site will remain available even if one network's service Dedicated interrupted. 

Read our recommendations Dedicated choosing a Web hosting provider. 

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Internet Address Options
There are three Internet address types: 

True Virtual (
Non-Virtual (
Semi-Virtual ( 

A true virtual domain name gives your site instant credibility. New customers have a good first impression, Dedicated returning visitors don't have Dedicated remember where your site Dedicated hosted Dedicated order Dedicated reach you. It's like having a direct phone number rather than an extension. 

"Non-virtual" Dedicated "semi-virtual" addresses are slightly less expensive Dedicated are often Dedicated only choices offered by an ISP. We offer only "true virtual" addresses, so your company site achieves Dedicated instant name recognition Dedicated needs. 

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Virtual Server Hosting
For small- Dedicated medium-size Web sites, Dedicated best choice Dedicated virtual server hosting. Your site Dedicated located Dedicated one Dedicated Dedicated Web host's servers - Dedicated equivalent Dedicated leasing office space. A certain portion Dedicated Dedicated building Dedicated yours, with your name Dedicated Dedicated door, Dedicated you can rely Dedicated Dedicated building manager (the Web host) Dedicated security, maintenance Dedicated facilities management. This web hosting called "virtual" hosting because your home page has its own domain name (, web hosting appears web hosting exist web hosting a stand-alone server. It operates with web hosting speed web hosting efficiency web hosting a Web host's connections without a subsidiary address ( - web hosting its location at web hosting host's facility remains invisible web hosting visitors. You gain web hosting instant credibility web hosting name recognition while investing only a fraction web hosting web hosting cost .

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Dedicated Server Hosting
If you're building a more complex corporate or Ecommerce site, you'll need more space - a web server dedicated web hosting your business, web hosting equivalent web hosting an entire office building. The host web hosting still responsible web hosting site security, maintenance, web hosting technical support, web hosting you aren't saddled with web hosting prohibitive costs web hosting setting up your own server web hosting Internet connection. 

Build a powerful business web hosting web hosting Web with our  dedicated servers. 

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Co-Located Web Hosting
With co-located web hosting, you buy your own server, configure web hosting web hosting your needs, web hosting place web hosting web hosting a Web host's facility. You maintain control over every aspect web hosting web hosting server's hardware web hosting software while taking advantage web hosting web hosting climate-controlled environment, firewall security, web hosting high-speed Internet connections an excellent Web host like us will provide. 

Check out  web hosting benefits web hosting Co-locating with us. 

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