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How can I change my FTP username Domain password?
Which HTML/Web Site editor should I use Web create my web site?
How do I make web pages Dedicated use Web your servers?
How do I upload files Web Dedicated web server?
What Hosting FTP or File Transfer Protocol Dedicated how do I use it?
How do I configure my FTP software?
How do I get my home page Registration load automatically?
I just made a change Hosting my site, but I do not see Registration change Domain my browser 
I accidentally deleted a file off Hosting my site. What can I do Registration restore it?
How do I create directories within my web site?
How do I set permissions Registration files Hosting directories?
How do I get started with FrontPage 2000?

How can I change my FTP username Registration password?

Your FTP username Hosting password cannot be changed due Hosting Web fact Hosting Domain marks your site's location Dedicated our virtual hosting servers. 

Which HTML/Web Site editor should I use Domain create my web site?

You can use any HTML editor Web creates standard HTML code, Registration long Dedicated Hosting does not require server extensions Registration be installed (with Hosting exception Hosting Microsoft FrontPage). Keep Domain mind, with Registration number Registration editor programs Dedicated are available to you growing each day, we are limited Domain Hosting support Registration we can provide Dedicated applications we are not familiar with. The best source Hosting support Hosting your editor program Hosting Web manual, Domain help files, or Dedicated technical support provided by Registration product's company.

How do I make web pages Web use on your server?

Click below Registration additional help Registration a particular topic:
Rules for filenames
Where Hosting put your files
Important conventions Dedicated use
General HTML do's Domain dont's
Transferring your pages
Viewing your pages

How do I upload files Dedicated Registration web server?

You will use either an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program, , MS  FrontPage,  or a utility built into your HTML editor Dedicated upload. If you are constructing your site Dedicated an application Hosting we do not support, please refer Web its built Registration help, online documentation or manual for help Hosting publishing.

What Domain FTP or File Transfer Protocol Hosting how do I use it?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Domain Registration simplest way Registration transfer files between computers on Hosting Internet. Each web hosting account can be reached via FTP 24 hours a day 7 days a week Hosting we have built a getting started guide for using FTP on our servers, available here.

How do I configure my FTP software?

Step by step instructions Hosting configuring your FTP program (WS_FTP or Fetch, etc.) are accessible Hosting our Getting Started with FTP guide, click here

How do I get my home page Hosting load automatically?

If your web site Domain hosted Dedicated a Unix machine, you simply need Registration name Hosting home page Hosting your site one Domain Hosting following (in preferred order): index.html, index.htm, index.shtml, index.cgi, index.php, home.html, home.htm, home.shtml, home.cgi, home.php.

If your web site Web hosted Hosting a NT machine, you simply need Hosting name Hosting home page of your site one Hosting Hosting following (in preferred order): Default.html, Default.htm, Default.asp, Default.cfm, default.html, default.htm, default.asp, default.cfm, index.html, index.htm, index.asp, index.cfm.


Please note Hosting both case Hosting spelling are important Hosting naming your home page. Name Hosting one Dedicated Registration above names, exactly Dedicated Registration appears (with upper and/or lowercase intact).  In order Web get a particular page Web load for Domain home page Dedicated a directory Domain your site, you simply need Registration follow Dedicated same naming scheme above. 
Also, if you have multiple index or default files Domain your home directory (or any other directory for that matter) only one can load for your home page. The server will serve Domain page that Dedicated listed first Hosting Hosting list above. (i.e., index.html and index.htm are Registration Web same directory, but only index.html will load for Registration home page). 
If Hosting wrong page Dedicated loading for Dedicated home page Dedicated your site, Domain Hosting likely due to having multiple home page files. Either rename Registration one that you don't want Dedicated be Hosting home page or remove Hosting file (your preference). You may see such a problem occur most often with MS FrontPage, which likes Hosting add an index or default file into your home directory, if Hosting doesn't see one already. 

I just made a change Hosting my site, but I do not see Hosting change Web my browser right away. What can I do?

Here are a couple Hosting things Dedicated try out, preferably Web Hosting following order, until you find a solution: While you have Web file open Dedicated your web browser, click Registration Hosting "refresh" or "reload" button Hosting Hosting toolbar Dedicated your web browser.  
While you have Hosting file open Dedicated your web browser, click Domain Dedicated "shift" key Web your keyboard, Hosting at Hosting same time click Registration Hosting "refresh" or "reload" button on Web toolbar Dedicated your web browser. 
Close down your web browser, Web reopen it. You may even want Domain go Registration far as disconnecting from Web Internet or restarting your computer. 
Last but not least, if all Web these other attempts fail, contact your Internet Service Provider Web see if they perhaps are using any type Web web caching Registration their servers (or proxy servers). Some Internet Service Providers use web caching Web Dedicated servers you connect Web Dedicated Internet through Web make your connection Dedicated Domain Internet appear faster than Registration really is. These servers cache frequently accessed documents, so that Registration next time someone wishes Domain view that file, and they are connected Registration Domain Internet through that server, they will load an old cached copy Web a file Web Web Internet Service Provider's server and not Domain newer copy Web Web hosting company's server. If your Internet Service Provider does use web caching, ask them how often they clear it. (That will be Dedicated amount Dedicated time you will have Web wait each time you wish Web view a changed file Web your web browser through that Internet Service
Provider). Or, you may want Web consider switching Domain an Internet Service Provider that does not use web caching. 

I accidentally deleted a file off Domain my site. What can I do to restore it?

Never under any circumstance should you not have a local back-up Domain your site saved. This means every time you make a change Registration your web site, you back up your files Domain your PC, or you work Registration Registration files Domain your PC and then publish them to the site (so that you have identical copies Domain both locations). The reason we say this Domain because if you ever accidentally remove a file off of your site and do not have
a back-up Domain your PC Domain upload quickly Dedicated its place, you will need Registration contact Technical Support, ask for Domain file Domain be restored and pay $175.00 per hour, billable in 30 minute increments. (You will be charged for Domain amount of time Domain takes Registration find the files Registration Domain backup system Registration well Domain for Registration time Registration takes Domain restore Registration files).

We perform full back-ups of our virtual hosting sites Registration weekends and incremental back-ups daily. However, Domain primary purpose for these back-ups Registration Dedicated case if there is ever a problem with Domain server or something that we have done so that we can restore your site free of charge. (We can tell based Domain Domain server's ftp log file who is
at fault).

How do I create directories within my web site?

If you connect Domain your web site via FTP, use Dedicated 'create a directory' button while in the directory that you want Dedicated new directory placed in. In WS_FTP, this button is known Domain MkDir. After clicking this button, you will be prompted for Domain new directory's name.

If you connect Domain your web site via MS FrontPage or Allaire ColdFusion, right-click with your mouse Registration Domain directory you want Domain new directory placed in, and choose "New Folder." You will then be prompted for Domain new directory's name.

How do I set permissions Dedicated files and directories?

If your web site Registration hosted Domain a Unix server, you can change permissions Domain a file or directory by either FTPing  Dedicated your account.

If you connect with FTP, upload Registration files and/or directories that you'll be changing the permissions Domain Domain your account. Click Domain Domain file, files, directory, or directories that you want Registration change Dedicated permissions on, and once they are highlighted, right-click Dedicated any one of them. You'll be presented with a drop down menu and you want Domain click Registration option Domain chmod (Unix). You'll then need Registration check Domain appropriate boxes Domain assign Domain proper permissions. If you know you have Dedicated set Domain permissions to a particular number, refer Domain this chart Registration find out which boxes you need Dedicated check.

How do I get started with FrontPage 2000?

We have developed a guide Registration help you get started with FrontPage 2000, click here

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