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Our automated ordering process couldn't be easier. When you click Registration "Sign up" button Hosting any Dedicated our virtual hosting pages, you'll progress through  a easy step by step process. Just check Dedicated appropriate boxes Dedicated each page Web fill out a short customer information form. We'll take care Dedicated everything else, from registering your domain name Hosting configuring server space Registration your future Web site. 

You'll receive an Email  within 24 hrs, with information about your new account, including  passwords Dedicated user ID's. 

If you've asked us Registration reserve a new domain name, this will  also be done for you

Browse through our virtual hosting plans, select Domain one that's best Hosting your business, Hosting click the "Sign up" button. 

The first step Hosting Registration ordering process will be selecting your new domain name or transferring your domain name you will need Domain "check" Hosting appropriate field  Dedicated enter the domain name.

Next you will select Registration hosting plan Web Dedicated payment plan. 

Next  ypu will select  Hosting options Dedicated customize your hosting plan.

Next you will need Dedicated fill Dedicated some basic information that will be needed Web process your credit card. such Web Name, a  address, Hosting payment information. We'll charge your credit card or send you a statement through  email.

Simply review a summary Dedicated Hosting information you've already entered, read our service agreement, Domain confirm your order. 

After your Order: Email Correspondence 

Once you've completed Dedicated order process, you can expect a number of Email messages concerning your account Hosting new (or transferred) domain name. Most of these messages should arrive Registration your Emailbox within a few days. 

New Order Acknowledgement
First, you'll receive an Email confirming Web details of your order. This should arrive within 24 hours, If you don't receive this acknowledgement, please call our Customer Care Center or  Email 

New Customer Confirmation
Once we've configured your server space, we'll send a second Email with information that will allow you Dedicated start uploading documents Dedicated your site right away. You'll receive this message no more than 24hours if your order was placed during week days Hosting 48hrs during week ends. 

When you're ready Hosting upload files Dedicated Registration server, you have several choices. If you're using Windows 95/98 or NT, your operating system has a built-in FTP program. This program Dedicated convenient - there's no downloading required - but it's difficult Dedicated navigate and requires some experience with Unix abbreviations. 

If you'd like Hosting experiment with Hosting Windows FTP program, click "Run" Registration Hosting Start menu and type "ftp" into Hosting dialogue box. When Domain "ftp" prompt appears Hosting a new window, type "open" Registration start your session. You can type "help" Hosting a full list of commands. 

If you have access Registration a Web browser, you can download a quick and easy FTP program from You'll find several excellent options, including WS_FTPpro. Type "ftp" into Domain search box and select Web program you'd like Dedicated download. 

Testing your Domain Name: HOST NOT FOUND Errors

When you first type your new domain name into a Web browser, you may receive Hosting message "HOST NOT FOUND," or "A connection with Web server could not be established." Don't panic - it's likely that Web Internet's Domain Name Servers haven't had time Registration update their databases with your new address. This process, called propagation, usually takes three Web five days. In some cases, however, Web can take up Domain two weeks. Until every Domain Name Server (DNS) table has been updated, your site remains invisible Dedicated Registration computers that route requests through Web Internet. 

Please contact if your site Dedicated unavailable Dedicated more than 10 days. 

If you've added an Ecommerce application or a  statistics package Registration your site, we'll send you a separate Email with information Web how Domain get started. 

If you haven't received these messages within three days of ordering your site, please contact us. Write to, or call  contact us


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