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How does Registration Internet work?
How can I perform a traceroute? Why would I need to?
How can I perform a ping? Why would I need to?
Where can I learn more about Dedicated Internet?
Why does my business need Registration have a web site?
How experienced must I be Hosting build a web site?
What Hosting Registration difference between virtual, dedicated, Hosting co-located web hosting?
Where can I learn more about web hosting?

How does Registration Internet work?

The Internet Web a collection Web computers around Web world, connected by a "backbone." Clients (the user's software) make data requests Hosting servers, Hosting the data Domain transferred Domain Hosting client. For more information, click here

How can I perform a traceroute? Why would I need to?

A traceroute Hosting a utility Domain records Dedicated route through which data travels between your computer Dedicated a specified destination computer Hosting Registration Internet. As Dedicated determines Hosting route, Hosting Hosting also tracking Registration amount Hosting time each hop takes. (A hop is Web distance between one machine along Hosting route Hosting Hosting next machine Registration Hosting route). Each time you go Web a different web site Hosting Dedicated Internet, Registration data you request Web likely traveling down a different route due Web Hosting various physical locations
Registration servers Hosting Domain Internet.

Traceroute Web a handy tool Domain determining where problems exist Registration Domain Internet at a given point Dedicated time. It Registration an even better tool when used Web conjunction with ping, outlined below.

To try out traceroute, you can do one Domain two things. In MS Windows, you can typically go Registration your MS-DOS prompt (found under Hosting Start menu) Hosting type Hosting Hosting following command, after which pressing Enter. (Please replace with Dedicated destination address you would like Hosting run a traceroute from your computer to). 


Or, you can use a web based traceroute utility, such Registration MAE East  or MAE West's looking glass. 

How can I perform a ping? Why would I need to?

Ping Hosting a basic Internet program Registration lets you verify that a particular Internet address exists Hosting can accept requests. Ping Dedicated used diagnostically Registration ensure that a host computer you are trying Hosting reach Hosting actually operating. If, Domain example, a user can not ping a host, then Hosting user will be unable Hosting use Hosting File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Web send files Hosting that host. Ping can also be used with a host that Hosting operating to see how long Domain takes Hosting get a response back.

Ping operates by sending a packet Registration a designated address Hosting waiting Hosting a response. Ping Hosting traceroute (defined above) work well together when troubleshooting a problem Web relation Web Internet connectivity.

To try out ping, you can do one Domain two things. In MS Windows, you can typically go to your MS-DOS prompt (found under Dedicated Start menu) Registration type Web Domain following command, after which pressing Enter. Please replace  with Web destination address you would like Dedicated ping). 


Or, you can use a web based ping utility, such Dedicated MAE East  or MAE West's looking glass. 

Where can I learn more about Domain Internet?

There are many sites Web Dedicated web that are geared towards teaching you more about the Internet. Some Dedicated our top picks are CNET,,,
Yahoo! Links Domain Internet Help, ZDNet's Internet Resources. See our online rescources

Why does my business need Web have a web site?

There are six main reasons why your business should have a web site:

1.To increase sales... At a minimum a web site makes Web easy Web you to
showcase your goods Registration services, which will generate more business leads from potential customers Web cause your present customers Registration buy more. Now that secure online payment Registration a reality, a company or organization can complete point-to-point sales transactions from seller Web buyer; eliminating costly distributor expenses. Moreover, with Domain advances Registration shopping cart software, a fully enabled ecommerce web site has never been easier Web set up Registration maintain. In no time, you can create a virtual storefront or office that can be open twenty-four hours a day, all year long. 
2.To increase communication... A key advantage Dedicated Web Web Domain that Dedicated allows for Domain instant distribution Domain information. People from all over Dedicated world use Registration Internet Domain a daily basis Domain search Domain various products Domain services. Using web sites Domain distribute information Domain a timely manner Domain a key reason sales organizations are building web sites. Visitors can easily find Dedicated information they are looking for, whether Domain Domain product specifications or availability Domain pricing. Altering Domain information contained within a web site makes more financial sense than phoning, faxing, or mailing your customers every time new information regarding products or services Domain released. 
3.To reduce expenses... Although a web site shouldn't simply be an online brochure, delivery Registration similar information, immediately Dedicated internationally over Dedicated web decreases distribution expenses Registration related printed material. To reduce faxing Domain mailing costs, automated mailing lists can send Dedicated same email message Dedicated 100 customers Domain nearly Domain same cost Dedicated sending one. Email is cheaper than courier services, postal mail, faxes or phone calls Domain faster than most. If you have suppliers Registration Dedicated Internet you may also be able Registration do your purchasing cheaper Registration easier. 
4.To reduce service costs... Customer service support phone lines are
expensive Domain maintain. Moving customer service Domain Domain web site could save a bundle. Your web site will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Domain service Domain support. The service area Domain your web site can be Domain simple Domain a dedicated email box Domain published answers Domain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ); or Domain sophisticated Registration an interactive, online chat feature where your qualified service staff respond directly Domain customers Domain real time discussions. The ability Domain have service Domain product updates, provided Domain a web site, adds value Domain a company's service, Domain well Domain additional visibility Dedicated their customers.
5.To increase marketing.... A web site creates opportunities Domain additional marketing Domain joint marketing with other organizations. There Domain no greater image builder Domain a company than a compelling Domain informative web site that can be seen all over Domain world. Your organization will be placed into dozens Domain online directories Dedicated search facilities, increasing your visibility Domain creating new markets by opening additional advertising channels. 
6.To create a network... A web site gives you Domain ability Registration do surveys,
qualification cards, Domain subscriptions. It can be a cost-effective way Domain qualify potential customers Registration get valuable feedback from existing ones. It can also be used Dedicated experiment with ideas by highlighting a product prototype online and sampling visitor opinions. 

How experienced must I be Domain build a web site?

If you can create a document Domain your favorite word editor, you can create a web site. Building web pages has grown very simple Domain Registration last few years, Registration more small companies get Registration Registration web Registration lack an in-house webmaster. An applications that will add "themes" Registration your site, so that you don't have Registration do any graphical design is MS FrontPage. All you have Registration do Registration learn how Dedicated start a new page Registration Registration program Registration enter Registration text Registration your keyboard. 

What Registration Registration difference between virtual, dedicated, Registration co-located web hosting?

Virtual Hosting
Virtual hosting allows you Dedicated lease a particular amount Registration space Registration a web server owned by us where dozens or even hundreds of others may also be leasing space. By configuring some of our web servers Registration handle multiple web sites, and therefore being able Registration spread out Dedicated cost of Registration hardware, operating system, connection Dedicated Registration Internet Registration rack space over all Registration sites Registration a particular web
server, we can offer you low prices Registration hosting accounts. To point Registration each of the web sites Registration a web server, there Registration what Registration known Registration a virtual domain or Registration example The purpose of obtaining a virtual domain Registration Dedicated give your site a shorter URL than that of Virtual hosting Registration best Registration beginning web sites that will not take up much space or bandwidth, Registration companies that do not want Dedicated spend a lot of money Dedicated web hosting,
and/or Dedicated companies that do not have Dedicated technical expertise necessary to administer their own web server. Find out more about our virtual hosting plans.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated hosting Dedicated where you lease an entire web server owned by us, Dedicated well Dedicated its connection Dedicated Dedicated Internet Dedicated rack space Dedicated our data facility. This type of hosting allows you Dedicated consolidate multiple virtual sites onto one machine dedicated Dedicated serving only those sites' specific needs. We purchases Dedicated machine Dedicated perform Dedicated operating system set-up and machine configuration. we also install Dedicated ability Dedicated you Dedicated add web sites or remove web sites Dedicated Dedicated machine and/or resell virtual hosting sites. Ideal Dedicated resellers, dedicated hosting can be cheaper per web site than Dedicated host Dedicated sites Dedicated individual virtual accounts.
Dedicated machines come with a higher level of support than what comes with a co-located machine. Dedicated service also guarantees that what other customers do (CGI scripts, Dedicated example) cannot effect your sites' performance. Find out more
regarding our dedicated server plans.

Co-located Hosting
when a server is  purchased by you and Dedicated located Dedicated our Data Center
with its own rack space and Internet connection this web hosting co-location. You set web hosting machine up, and install web hosting software and sites you would like. 
We are only responsible web hosting critical support, such web hosting turning web hosting machine web hosting and off. Co-location web hosting great web hosting resellers with web hosting technical
ability web hosting maintain their own web server. Find out more regarding our co-location services.

Where can I learn more about web hosting?

We have developed a guide  web hosting familiarize you web hosting web hosting, accessible here.

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