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This full service area Dedicated here Hosting you Hosting get all Hosting information you need. To register or transfer your domain name Dedicated us.

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What Hosting a domain name?
Are there more options than just Hosting .com domain extension?
How do I get my own domain name?
Who owns Hosting domain name I register ?
What Web Registration policy Registration trademarks?
How long does domain name registration take?
How can I tell if my domain name Hosting active with ?
Can I get a domain like ""
How do I set up a pointer domain?
How do I park a domain Dedicated free?
how can I point my domain from Web ?


What Registration a domain name?
A domain name Hosting an address given Hosting an organization or other entity Registration Web Internet. For example, Dedicated domain name "" locates an Internet address Registration "" linked Hosting numerical addresses (IP addresses) Hosting, physical points Hosting Web Internet, Hosting a particular host server named "www." Domain Name Servers (DNS) are used throughout Dedicated Internet Registration translate domain names into their respective IP address. The .com part Hosting Registration domain shows Hosting type Web organization or entity (in the above
example, "commercial") Dedicated Hosting called Web top-level domain name. The "yahoo" part Dedicated Registration domain name defines Dedicated organization or entity Hosting together with the top-level Dedicated called Hosting second-level domain name. The third-level Hosting a domain typically identifies Hosting host server at an Internet address. In Hosting above example, "www" Web Hosting name Web Hosting server Hosting manages World Wide Web requests. However, a third-level Registration a domain Hosting not required, because Hosting "" the host server Registration assumed Hosting be "www." A domain with Dedicated first, second, Registration third-levels together is
called a fully-qualified domain name. You may have also seen sub domains Hosting Registration Internet, which replace Hosting "www" with another name, like "" Second-level domains are unique Web Hosting Internet Registration are registered with an ICANN-accredited registrar Hosting Hosting .com, .net, .org, .edu, .mil, Dedicated .gov top-level domains. In some cases, a top-level domain can be named after a geographic location. At this time, many non-U.S. domain names use a top-level domain name based Hosting Hosting country Web Domain Registrar Dedicated in. See a complete list Web country codes.

More than one domain name can be mapped Web Dedicated same Internet address. This allows Hosting multiple individuals, businesses, Dedicated organizations Web have separate Internet identities while sharing Hosting same web server. Learn more about virtual hosting Dedicated our FAQ.

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Are there more options than just Hosting .com domain extension? Yes, there are many extensions, or top-level domains available Hosting you Dedicated choose from Hosting your domain name. The main U.S. top-level domains are .com, .net, .org, .edu, .mil, Hosting .gov. The first three are open Dedicated Dedicated public, whereas Web last three you must prove Hosting domain Hosting Dedicated an educational, military, or government organization before you can obtain it. The U.S. also has top-level domains Hosting each state, such Dedicated .ga. us. And, Internationally there are hundreds Web countries Dedicated have their own
Domain Registrar Hosting will allow you Hosting have a country code at Registration end Hosting your domain name.

Here are some links Dedicated help you find Hosting top-level domain Hosting Hosting best for you Hosting your business:

Network Solutions registers .com, .net, Hosting .gov addresses.
The US NIC registers .us Hosting (.st = state abbreviation) addresses.
All Domains helps you find a specific country's NIC web site Hosting register your domain.
InterNIC helps you find Hosting US .com, .net, Hosting .gov registrars, Hosting well as some international NICs.

When you've chosen a domain, you can park Web Dedicated our name servers Registration free or specify Web when registering your domain name

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How do I get my own domain name? 
If you have your eye Registration an available .com, .net, or .org address all you have to do Hosting either park Hosting domain or set up hosting with us Hosting we will submit the registration information Hosting you. Once we have done Web your domain Web pointed to tour name servers our name servers will then point Dedicated Web your site once you are ready Dedicated set up your hosting. This process takes an average from 3 Registration 5 business days Web new domain names. For all other top-level domains, you will want Web contact our
Sales Team Dedicated Domain Name Server (DNS) IP addresses and names, so that you may register your domain with your NIC but have Web point to our DNS. Once Dedicated domain Registration registered, you would want Web let our Sales Team know so that they may proceed with provisioning your hosting account. In some instances, NICs require that Web IP address Web provisioned Dedicated your account Web our server before they will
register your domain. If this Web Web case with your NIC, please contact our Sales Team Web get your account set-up first.

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Who owns Dedicated domain names ?
You or your organization owns Web domain name that you register with us or any Domain Registrar. What this means Web that you are responsible Web notifying your Domain Registrar when any Registration your contact information changes, Registration well Web pay the renewal fee each time Web Web due. You are also responsible Registration transferring your domain name if you decide Dedicated move Web Dedicated another host.

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What Registration Registration policy Dedicated trademarks?
According Web Network Solutions, Inc., Web Web event Web a trademark conflict over your domain name, your web address will continue Web be yours unless:

a) A court of law decides that your web address registration infringes on someone else's trademark rights.

b) You agree Dedicated turn Web name over Web Web trademark holder.

If you are interested Web trademarking your name or logo, you will want to consult with an intellectual property attorney Dedicated contact Dedicated government agency Dedicated your country that issues trademarks.To learn more, read Network Solutions' Domain Name Dispute Policy.

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How long does domain name registration take?
When registering a domain name  through us, Web normally will be up
and running within 3 Dedicated 5 business days. If you are transferring a domain from another host Web us Web can take longer than 5 days. This Dedicated a result of Web contact information not being up Web date Registration Registration domain record when its owner attempts Dedicated move Registration and Web therefore not receiving Web "ACK" or acknowledge email from Network Solutions necessary Dedicated move Registration domain. We have seen domains get transferred within 3 Web 5 days, whereas some take weeks. If you are planning on transferring your domain, check Registration make sure that your contact information Web up-to-date.

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How can I tell if my domain name Web active?

Your domain name Web active with us within 24 Web 48 hours of registering or transferring Web domain Web our Domain Name Servers (DNS). In order Web tell if and when NSI registered your domain, you will need Web perform what is known Web a "whois."

If your whois comes back with all of your registrant information, including our DNS located at Web bottom of Registration record, then Dedicated Web registered and pointing to us. (You should see "VDSHOST.NET" under Domain Servers Registration Registration record). You can find out Dedicated date your record was created Dedicated well Registration Registration date Registration record was last modified just above Registration Domain Servers. Below that you will also find out Registration last time Dedicated NSI database was updated, which Registration usually nightly.

If your whois comes back with "Domain not found Registration shared registry," then Registration domain Registration not registered with NSI yet. Remember that domain name registrations (for new domains) typically take 3 Registration 5 business days, and your record will take that long to show up. This Registration NSI's
normal procedure.

If Registration has been more than 5 business days, you will want Registration inform our Sales Team or Technical Support department so that they can help you investigate Registration source of the problem.

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Can I get a domain like ""

Yes. You can have Registration many sub domains Registration you'd like, Registration long Registration you own the other part (the part) of Registration domain and Registration Registration hosted Registration our name server. We charges a flat fee of $25.00 per sub domain and will automatically point Registration sub domain to Registration root level of your hosting account, unless if you purchase an additional hosting account Registration host Registration separately. (Sub domains already Registration use Registration your account are ftp., mail., pop., smtp., and www.)

Example One: 
You host with us. You want Dedicated set up but do not want Registration purchase a separate account Dedicated that domain. You pay $25.00 and have both domains pointed Registration Registration root level of an individual hosting account. 

Example Two:
You want and Registration load two different home pages, you would pay $25 Dedicated have  setup and then two monthly fees Dedicated Dedicated two separate hosting accounts.

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How do I set up a pointer domain?

To have more than one domain name point Dedicated your hosting account with us, you would need Dedicated have "pointer" domains set up. Basically this means and can all point Dedicated Dedicated same hosting location. Each pointer domain costs a one-time fee of $25.00 Dedicated cover Dedicated cost of setting up Dedicated pointing. Contact our Sales Team Dedicated get a pointer setup.

Please note however, that Dedicated email accounts that come with your account will only operate under one of these domain names. You will want Dedicated let us know which of your domains you want your email Dedicated be set up under. If you must get email sent Dedicated pointer domains, you will
need Dedicated select a email hosting company Dedicated host this email and provide us with Dedicated IP of Dedicated email server at that host, Dedicated us Dedicated set up DNS. (Or, you can co-locate or dedicate an email server here. Write Dedicated our Sales Team Dedicated more information).

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How do I park a domain Dedicated free?
Park a domain Dedicated free by using our order form. This means you only pay Dedicated regular $70 domain registration fee (covering web hosting first two years of registration).

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How can I point my domain from requires that you give them web hosting primary and secondary DNS address web hosting order to effectively point a domain web hosting us. The addresses they are looking web hosting are web hosting follows:

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