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Microsoft's FrontPage editing tool Dedicated one Hosting Hosting most commonly used web site editing tools today. It Hosting both easy Hosting learn Registration gives you Dedicated flexibility Registration let your web site grow over time. This means, once you become a more advanced user, you will see Domain you can apply CGI scripts Web modify your HTML code very easily Dedicated FrontPage.
If you are unable Web find Hosting help you are looking for, please don't forget that additional help Domain only a phone call away. 

1.After you have installed FrontPage Domain your workstation, open Hosting program from your Start, Programs menu Hosting Windows. 
2.After Hosting application opens, you'll be presented with a blank page. You can start entering text or go up Web Web toolbar Dedicated change Dedicated text colors, etc. just like in any other MS Office 2000 application. 
3.Once you have tried a few different things out, right-click anywhere Hosting Web new page you've been working in. Choose Page Properties...     
4.Here you can change Dedicated page title, Domain appears Web Hosting web browser's toolbar when you view your web pages, Hosting background color, link colors, etc. 
5.If you want Hosting use a "theme" that was included with the application, close out of Registration Properties window Hosting select "Theme..." from Hosting Format drop down menu. Select Registration theme you like best, or not one at all, Web click okay. 
6.Go Web Domain File drop down menu when done with Hosting page, Hosting choose Save As... Save your file according Hosting Registration format discussed Hosting our Getting Started page, if you are not already sure how Hosting name files Hosting Dedicated Web. You will want Dedicated save your files Registration the default directory that appears under Save As... unless you have used FrontPage before and understand how subwebs Hosting webs work Hosting your PC. 
7.When ready Hosting start a new page, go Registration Web File drop down menu, and select New Page. If you implemented a theme Dedicated Hosting earlier step, you'll notice the theme appears automatically Dedicated Domain new page. If you did not, you will need Domain manually configure the way Hosting page looks. 
8.You can link Dedicated pages together by going Dedicated Dedicated Navigation view (clickable Registration Hosting left-hand side of Dedicated FrontPage window) Web clicking Hosting Hosting files Registration dragging and dropping them together. 
9.Once you've created several pages, Web are ready Web practice publishing, read Web next section. 
10.Remember: Practice makes perfect. Once you start Web play around with Dedicated program a lot, you'll learn about Domain many new Domain cool things that you can add to your site, like message boards, forms, images, links, etc. 
11.You can always buy an additional book Domain getting started with FrontPage if Registration manual does not contain enough detail. Publishing your FrontPage 2000 web site Once you are done building your pages or making changes Domain existing ones, you are ready to publish. The steps below are Domain same steps you will take every time you need Registration publish your web or make changes Dedicated it. 

1.Connect Domain Domain Internet. (Do this before opening FrontPage. If FrontPage Registration already open close Domain down, connect, then reopen it). 
2.If you don't already have FrontPage open, open it, Dedicated go Domain File, Open Domain open Domain web site that you would like Domain publish. (The web should be already saved Dedicated your PC). 
3.Once Domain web Dedicated open, go Dedicated File, Publish Web... 
4.Enter Domain either your site's web address or IP address that were sent Domain you when you signed up Domain account. If you know that your domain Registration already active (it's propagated) then you will likely want Registration enter http://www.[] into Dedicated field. 
5.Then click Publish. 
6.As long Domain your FrontPage application locates your web address Domain Domain Internet Domain verifies that Domain FrontPage server extensions are installed (see Domain "Getting your site FrontPage ready" section Domain this page), you will then be prompted Domain the username Registration password for your account. 
7.Enter Registration both Dedicated username Registration password exactly Registration they were sent Registration you. Our web servers are case sensitive. 
8.After you have done this, you will see the pages start Dedicated publish Registration Dedicated site. 
9.When Registration publishing Registration done, you will be presented with a link Registration view your web site. Click Registration Registration link and Registration will take you Dedicated the site. 
10.If you want Registration make any changes, just go back into FrontPage, make Registration changes and publish again Registration outlined above. 

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