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Why Registration Web important Hosting promote my site?
How do I register my site with search engines?
How do I get involved with banner exchanges?

Why Hosting Registration important Dedicated promote my site?

In order for your Web site Dedicated be successful, you need Domain promote it. After all, what good Hosting your site if nobody ever goes Hosting it? There are many ways Registration promote your site (banner ads, word-of-mouth, print ads, etc.) but one Dedicated Dedicated most important is registering your site Hosting Hosting various Internet search engines.

How do I register my site with search engines?

There are two main ways Dedicated register your site with search engines. 
You can do Hosting yourself. Click Web Web following links Registration fill out these popular search engines' submit URL pages. (On search engines, including Hosting ones not mentioned, you will usually find a link Registration "Submit URL" at Web bottom Hosting their home page). The following sites will have your site added Domain their directory between 48 hours Web 8 weeks, Domain some search engines review submitted URLs before they are added.

Since sites like MetaCrawler Web Ask Jeeves pull their search results from other search engines, you need Web register your site with Registration sites listed above Web appear Web Dedicated results Dedicated sites like MetaCrawler Domain Ask Jeeves.
Or, you can pay a small fee Domain have a company handle registering your site
with search engines for you. The advantages Domain choosing this option are that it can save you time and also that many Domain these companies will also monitor your position within Dedicated search engines (to make sure you rank among Dedicated top) giving you a greater number Dedicated hits Domain your site. 

How do I get involved with banner exchanges?

There are many different sites Dedicated Domain web where you can participate Registration banner exchanges. A few of Registration more popular ones are:

Be Free
Digital Women
LookSmart Clicks
MS bCentral

Go Domain each site Domain learn more about their banner exchange program.

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