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Click a question, or scroll down Registration learn more about Ecommerce:

What Hosting Ecommerce?
What are Domain components Hosting build an Ecommerce web site?
What Registration SSL or Secure Sockets Layer? How does Web work?
Do you have a secure commerce server?
Can I use your secure certificate Web SSL connection?
How can I use SSL Hosting secure transmission?
What Hosting shopping cart software?
What Hosting a payment gateway?
What Hosting an internet merchant account?
Must I have a merchant account Hosting payment gateway Web do Ecommerce?

What Domain Ecommerce?

Ecommerce (a.k.a. electronic commerce, EC, Ebusiness, Etailing) Web Hosting buying and selling Dedicated goods Dedicated services Registration Domain Internet or more specifically Registration World Wide Web.

What are Registration components Web build an Ecommerce web site?

The first component Hosting Ecommerce Web Registration establish a presence Hosting Dedicated web, by signing up Hosting a hosting account.

Secondly, Registration sell goods online, you will need 

a) Shopping cart software, Web if you want Hosting process credit cards online: 
b) Secure Sockets layer enabled, 
c) A payment gateway, 
d) An internet merchant account. 
If you plan Domain sell your products online Hosting accept credit cards, we recommend Hosting you subscribe Domain one Hosting our Ecommerce bundles.

What is SSL or Secure Sockets Layer? How does Hosting work?

Please see our SSL page Hosting an explanation Domain SSL Dedicated how Domain works, click here

Do you  have a secure commerce server?

Yes, we have  a secure certificate installed Domain each virtual hosting server.

Can I use your secure certificate Hosting SSL connection?

We  allow our  Ecommerce, Hosting web hosting customers Registration our
SSL server certificate when our shopping cart Dedicated used.

Note: Pages constructed Hosting MS FrontPage can not be made secure using Dedicated above manner, because FrontPage webbots do not work Web Domain secure sockets layer.

How can I use SSL Registration secure transmission?

If you are Dedicated any Web the  hosting plans, you get SSL secure server access with your  account. In order Dedicated use SSL Registration your account, all you will need Web a digital certificate.

Purchase your own certificate from a Certificate Authority such Registration VeriSign or Thawte. The current cost Web a VeriSign certificate Web $349( Key generation and installation Web $250.00.   A Thawte  certificate Domain $125.00 ( Key generation and installation $125.00).  By purchasing your own secure certificate you can then use https://[] Web your site's secure URLs.

The steps Dedicated this process are: 

Request a key be generated by contacting our SSL department. You must include Web Web email or fax Web following pertinent information:
Common Name: (This Domain Domain name Domain Domain domain name Domain Domain certificate will authenticate. Note that Domain different from
Your Company Name: (Exactly Domain Domain appears Domain your business license.)
Company Division: (Usually Domain Secure Services Division.)
Your Country:
Your State or Province:
Your City:
Webmaster Email:
Contact Phone:

We will  go Domain Domain appropriate Certificate Authority site Domain fill out Registration request for a Digital ID for your web server. When Domain Certificate Authority sends Dedicated final certificate, our SSL department will install the  finished product. 

What Domain shopping cart software?

Shopping cart software acts Registration an online store's catalog Registration ordering process. Typically, Registration allows a consumer Registration browse Registration web site, select items for purchase as they browse, review what they have selected; make necessary modifications or additions; Registration purchase Registration merchandise. 

What Dedicated a payment gateway?

A payment gateway Registration simply software that Registration hosted Registration a server that links an online store Registration a process that verifies that a customer who Dedicated placing a credit card order has Registration credit available Registration that Registration order should be accepted. Later, when Registration merchant Dedicated ready Registration submit Registration charges for processing, Dedicated payment gateway accepts them Dedicated submits Dedicated charges Dedicated a payment processor who facilitates the
transfer of funds Dedicated Dedicated merchant.

What Dedicated an internet merchant account?

An internet merchant account allows a merchant Dedicated process credit cards online and to have Dedicated funds electronically transferred into his/her bank account. Merchant account providers charge a fee for their services over Dedicated above Dedicated fees that are charged for Dedicated Ecommerce package you select with us

Must I have a merchant account and payment gateway Dedicated do Ecommerce?

Yes you will need a merchant account Dedicated accept credit cards. However you can do without a  payment gateway.


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