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If you are experiencing delays in getting to your web site, or can't get there at all, the problem can be anywhere along the way, between you and the server here.

Traceroute can help you to determine where the problem is, and if it
something which you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) about. Your Traceroute output will be helpful to them.

Traceroute sends three data packets to each "hop" along the route to the server you have requested data from and measures the time each packet takes to return. It will then send this information to you line by line, and will hopefully show where the problems exist along the way. Windows 95 and 98 include a command line version of Traceroute, called "tracert.exe", accessible by opening a DOS window and typing: 

C:\WINDOWS> tracert [hostname]
where [hostname] is the name of the server you want to trace to (i.e.,

This output will display the route, and all points in between, from your dial up ISP and the server you're trying to reach.

If you believe there is a problem on our end or with one of our backbone providers, please copy and paste the results of the traceroute into an email and send it to our Technical Support department.


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