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Our  servers are case sensitive, therefore you will need to
enter your username Hosting password exactly Domain they were assigned to
you when you were given your login information. Here's a few things to
check if your web editing tool or FTP are rejecting your password: 

Try retyping your username Hosting password, both. Even if your
program says Hosting password Domain wrong, Hosting very well could be your
username Dedicated is wrong. Check Web make sure Dedicated there are no spaces before, within or after your username or password.  Double check Registration case (upper Dedicated lower) of each character in your username Registration password. Copy Web paste your username Domain password into an ASCII editor (like Notepad) so Web you can double-check that you are reading Domain characters correctly. Sometimes fonts are not all that clear, which passing your login information into Notepad will make clear. If several attempts continue Web produce Dedicated same results, be sure to write down Dedicated exact error code you are getting Registration at what
point Domain Dedicated login process you are getting Dedicated error, and contact
our Technical Support department.

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