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Microsoft's FrontPage editing tool is one of the most commonly used web site editing tools today. It is both easy to learn and gives you the flexibility to let your web site grow over time. This means, once you become a more advanced user, you will see that you can apply CGI scripts and modify your HTML code very easily in FrontPage. If you are unable to find the help you are looking for, please don't forget that additional help is only a phone call away. 

Sections marked by a * are for advanced users of MS FrontPage. 

How to get subwebs created on your account* Subwebs allow you to get all the functionality of a Root Web (the main web site) but contained to an individual directory on the site. (i.e., You can have a new theme applied to a subweb, but it will appear in that entire subweb). Subwebs are for advanced users of FrontPage.

On an NT hosting account, you can convert a directory to
a subweb in FrontPage 2000 by: 

Connecting live to your site*
This is only for advanced users of MS FrontPage. (And if you do make changes while connected live, make sure to back them up to your PC as outlined in the "Backing up your FrontPage 2000 web site" section). 

1.Connect to the Internet. (Do this before opening FrontPage. If FrontPage is already open close it down, connect, then reopen it). 
2.If you don't already have FrontPage open, open it. 
3.On your toolbar in FrontPage you will see a little yellow file folder with an arrow pointing down to its right. Click on the arrow and choose Open Web...
4.If you've published to your web before, you will see it in the window that pops up. Double-click it to enter. If you have not published to the web before, then enter in the complete URL in the location field (i.e.,
http://www.[]). Click Open after doing so. 
5.If you've published to your web before, your login information might  already be saved in the application. Click okay to accept the information. If you have not published to the web before, then enter in both the username and password exactly as they were sent to you. Our web servers are case sensitive. 
6.Once FrontPage is logged into the web, the web's directories and/or subwebs will appear. Click on the Open button to enter the main directory of the web. 
7.Now you are viewing all the content in your web directly on the web server. Any changes you make to files are immediate upon clicking Save. When done, make sure to back up these changed files to your PC by reading the next section "Backing up your FrontPage 2000 web site." 

Backing up your FrontPage 2000 web site*

1.Follow steps 1 through 6 in the "Connecting live to your site" section above. 
2.Go to File, Publish Web... 
3.Click the Browse button. 
4.Click the Personal view (clickable on the left-hand side of the FrontPage window) 
5.Double-click on the web that you'd like to publish to. (You might only have one. If so, double click on it). 
6.Click Open. 
7.Click Options. From there decide what parts of your web you'd like to back up to your PC. 
8.Then click Publish. 
9.When your files are done downloading to your workstation, FrontPage will inform you. 
10.Note: If you prefer to back up your web to a disk drive or somewhere else  on your PC, just browse to the proper location after step 3. 

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