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Here are a few of the sites we recommend you take a look at if you are in search of additional help or general information about a variety of products and services on the Internet. 

AltaVista Translations
Resource for translating text/web pages from or into English, French,
German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish. This is a great tool for communicating in the international marketplace. 

DIGEX Network Services Group
Here you can run traceroutes and pings from a MAE East or West "Looking Glass" to your domain name or IP address. This helps pinpoint where problems are occurring on the Internet.

Network Solutions, Inc.
NSI is the global registrar for the top-level domains of .com, .net, .org, and .edu. You can register, transfer, and pay for domain names on their web site. 

Microsoft Personal Online Support
You can search with keywords or by typing in a question regarding one of Microsoft's products. You can also find drivers, downloads, or specific troubleshooting tools. has definitions to nearly every technical word or abbreviation there is today as well as a list of what all the well-known file formats in the world are. 

Clip Art

With over 1.4 million images, ArtToday is the largest searchable, categorized set of clipart, photos, fonts, web graphics, and sounds available on the Internet.
An index to the Net's best clipart, font, photo and web graphic links. Search by most frequently access sites or a quick list that will display the entire directory of links. 


1001 Free Fonts 
Dingbat Pages
The Font Addict 
Font Freak 
Font Garden 

You'll get everything from getting started with planning/building your site
to their tip of the day to system administration. If you are new to web
design, you'll want to start here. 

CGI Resource Index,
This index will find you just about anything related to CGI, programmers, articles, samples, books and additional

DevEdge Online
The purpose of the DevEdge Online sample code library is to provide
sample implementations of Netscape ONE technologies. These code examples are fully explained and provide practical examples that you
can learn from and use in your development efforts.
This technical resource has information on all types of programming issues, from basic HTML to advanced scripts to information about specific products such as ColdFusion. 

Free Code
Your source for free code on the Web (for personal or commercial use). Their archive consists of programs that are compatible with Unix and/or Windows and are written in C/C++, Java, Perl, or Visual Basic. 

MS FrontPage 2000 Information
This information guide will help you get started with FrontPage 2000, find additional resources, or just learn more about what MS FrontPage 2000 is all about. 

Matt's Script Archive
Free, easy to implement, documented scripts for guestbooks, message
boards, formmail, counters, random image/link/text generators and search. A great place to start if you are new to CGI Scripts. 

WebMonkey is another web development resource. It's specialties
are in authoring, designing, programming, and adding multimedia to
your web site. A helpful resource if you are new to web design. 


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